Electric steam generators KW Line

We have introduced two other versions of electric steam generators using modular systems, namely the KW 150 model and the KW 300 model.
In the first we have two boiler bodies to which 3 resistances of 18, 25 or 30 kw can be inserted each for a production of steam from 160 to 250 kg / h.
In the Kw 300 model we have four boiler bodies always with groups of resistors of 18, 25 or 30 kw modular that allow to obtain maximum powers ranging from 320 to 500 g / h steam.
Clearly the 6 or 12 resistors connected can be controlled separately and each boiler body can work independently, having all the controls, the pump pressure settings, managed separately

Technical information

108KW(18×6) 150KW(25×6) 180KW(30×6) 300KW(25×12) 360KW(30×12)
Steam production 160 kg/h 200 kg/h 260 kg/h 400 kg/h 520 kg/h
Power 108 Kw 150 Kw 180 Kw 300 Kw 360 Kw
Dimension 106x125x195h cm. 106x125x195h cm. 106x125x195h cm. 106x125x195h cm. 106x125x195h cm.


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