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About us

The company was founded in 1962 from an idea of ​​its founder Luigi Zanuso that with a patent for a vaporizer plan began the construction of machines and presses, which was soon joined by the design and construction of small and medium steam generators. medium size. At a distance of 55 years, Cometh has reached a range of steam boilers that start at a capacity of 5 kg / h steam up to 600 kg / h, all boilers are exempt from licensed conductor.

Our plants

We produce electric, gas, natural gas and diesel generators. Our products have been adopted in various fields such as the textile industry, laundries, ironing, food industry, dairies, pasta factories, packaging industry in particular in thermo-traction sleeve tunnels, canning industry, meat and sausage processing industry, distillation equipment chemistry, electroplating and goldsmith.

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